Sizing/Fitting Guide 

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Our washable, reusable cloth masks for adults are made as a OSFM "one-size-fits-most" items. There are two adult sizes available in most of our adult mask ranges (see our diagrams below):

  • Adult Medium

  • Adult Large 

The key difference in these sizes is the height of the mask at the front from nose to chin - which is a difference of 1cm.  Most of the images throughout our website show Adult Medium size, which is our most popular size. 


The sculpted shape of the mask over the nose and chin areas help to ensure a contoured fit for most wearers, which is enhanced by the light adjustable noseband. 


The adjustable ear buds on the ear loops will further help to ensure a snug, comfortable and effective fit.   

Our face masks for children are a OSFM product, suitable for most kids aged up to 11 years old and also feature the adjustable ear-bud feature to ensure the best fit possible.

The use of masks is not recommended for children under 2 years of age.

DImensions are approximate. These masks are hand made and therefore variances in sizing and dimensions will occur.  Drawings are indicative, not to scale

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How to get the Perfect Fit:
  • Place the mask over your face and loop the ear straps over your ears. 

  • Squeeze the nose wire to firmly fit your nose.

  • Adjust the ear straps using the adjustable ear buds.

  • The mask should be comfortable and not move about on your face.

  • Keep gradually adjusting to suit your face type. 

  • You are not trying to acheive a sealed fit - just one that is comfortable and covers the nose and mouth

Adult Medium Mask Size
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